Learn More About the Construction Fund Control Software from ECL Software

Learn More About the Construction Fund Control Software from ECL Software

There’s no question that managing construction loans takes time and is labor intensive. The good news is that we’ve come up with an innovative solution to many of the headaches of doing so. Our construction fund software can increase your productivity, reduce your risks, and make your process much more efficient. Read on to discover more about our award-winning software and then reach out to ECL Software for more information.

Construction fund control software is used by many entities

Our construction fund software is used by banks, private lenders, mortgage companies, and even disbursement control companies. These entities choose it because it can handle anything from just a small renovation project to an enormous multi-billion-dollar project. It’s easy to set up, it’s easy to adjust to your specifications, and it can manage a host of things including changes, inspections, control disbursements, documents, etc.

We’ll help you easily manage your contacts and communicate with them

When you choose our software solutions, all your borrowers, leads, and contractors will be organized in a single place. You can even maintain the licensing requirements for contractors and brokers and manage your borrower relations.

We also allow you to create and manage letters, notes, memos, etc. Get generation track for each method of transmittal so you always know what changes were made and who made them. All info you use is entirely searchable and you can take advantage of predefined text elements and documents to make correspondence simple and standardized.

Make sure that loans and borrowers are meeting regulatory standards

When you use our customizable fund control software, you can easily set up and administer your specialty loans. It’s a great way to document compliance with all FHA standards at each step. You can even use it as an online FHA 203K lending software solution, which makes it easy to compile the docs you need to prove the borrower is staying on track with their renovation / mortgage loan.

See how each budget is broken town

Our software allows you to create original budget and to easily record any changes to your budgets. You can use our templates, or can create a budget from a spreadsheet or even from manual entry. Do you need to identify unique budget line items by interest reserves, categories, and / or special reporting? We have you covered! This is truly a solution that lets you customize exactly the way you need to.

Reach out today to find out more about your available software solutions

There’s no reason to wait – we are here today. Contact ECL Software online or by giving us a call at 800-625-5972. Are you interested in our products but not sure they’ll exactly fit your needs? Get a hold of us and we can give you honest, straightforward answers to any question you have about these and other construction software products we offer.