Learn How Fund Control Can Truly Make Your Job Easier

Learn How Fund Control Can Truly Make Your Job Easier

The famous quote “work smarter not harder,” can feel counterintuitive to many in the construction industry. Of course, we are all used to working smartly, but in this business it is common for everyone from workers to management to believe that working hard is something to be proud of. While this is true, it is also true that when working smartly can result in some well-needed breaks, it is worth it.

At ECL Software we want to create real solutions for real companies that need better options to streamline their operations. That’s where all of our construction software products come into play, including our fund control software. Keep reading to find out how our award-winning fund control can change the way you do business. Then reach out to us online or by calling 800-625-5972.

This fund control management tool can help just about anyone

From the banks themselves to the mortgage companies to the disbursement control companies and even private lenders, it is easy to set our software to meet your unique needs. It can perform near-miracles on your smallest renovation loans to your largest multi-billion-dollar projects. You can use it to manage all documents, changes, inspections, etc. and even to control the disbursements themselves. This can help to mitigate risks during the construction process.

We can help you easily manage everyone you do business with

Are you tired of having half a dozen places where you keep your contacts? Do you want your borrowers, contractors, leads, etc. all in one place? Do you want to ensure that you have licensing requirements for your contractors and brokers in an easy place? Do you want to manage all of your commercial relations in the same place? The options we offer make this flawless.

Regularly requirements made easy

You need to ensure that your borrowers and the loans you provide them meet regulatory standards – we don’t need to tell you what could happen if you don’t. What we can tell you is that we make it easy. Our fund control software is so customizable that you can set up and administer specialty loans with ease and we make it easy to document relevant compliance documents with relevant FHA standards.

It truly is an online FHA 203K lending software solution. We make it easier than ever before to compile all the documents you need to prove that your borrower is on track with their renovation or mortgage loan.

Keep track of budgets and changes

Finally, we make it simple for you to see the way funds are broken down with just a glance. You can create and then maintain your original budget and each and every change to it. Start with one our templates, use a spreadsheet, or enter your budget manually. Our software even makes it easy to identify special budget line items by special reporting options, categories, interest reviews, etc. If you are ready to learn more then we urge you to contact ECL Software at 800-625-5972.