Is Wearable Construction Safety Smart Gear a Reasonable Way to Lower Construction Overhead?

Is Wearable Construction Safety Smart Gear a Reasonable Way to Lower Construction Overhead?

As a construction lender, it is in your best interest to stay on the cutting edge of ways your clients can lower their overhead. With the high cost of insurance – and the even higher cost of accidents on the job site – safety gear can more than make up for its cost. Today we are looking at a few different pieces of smart gear that could change the way construction sites work – just how ECL Software changed the fund control process for the better.

Smart Glasses Can Help in a Number of Ways

Smart glasses are wearable glasses with computer screens in the lenses. They allow the user to see overlying data and / or imagery. As smart glasses begin to become more feasible from a financial standpoint, smart helmets are coming to the market too. The helmets essentially offer the benefits of the glasses but with the added safety of a helmet.

These glasses can be sued in a number of ways. For example, they are used to train new workers quickly. They are great for communicating and keeping workers connected. They can also use augmented reality to increase precision and help construction workers reduce their mistakes. While they are currently very expensive and not a feasible option for most construction sites, a pair or two may be a good option for a company that regularly trains new construction workers.

Smart Clothing Helps Keep Workers Safe, Comfortable, and More

There are many smart clothing options currently on the market, including heated jackets, vests that can cool workers, and even work boots that charge themselves and then track when the wearer gets fatigued. These boots can even provide lighting in dark areas. DeWalt currently offers reflective, heated jackets that work with a battery pack and can keep a worker cozy in freezing conditions.

When this type of smart clothing improves the comfort of a worker, this can greatly improve the bottom line because a comfortable worker can get more done. Just by using a vest with a built-in fan, workers can prevent fatigue. Not only does this help them work at top capacity, but it also helps keep them safe. After all a tired worker is more likely to make a mistake than a worker who is rested.

These products are best for construction companies that typically work in extreme conditions. At ECL Software we provide software solutions like JDIO for clients all over the country, many of whom could benefit from this smart clothing.

These Are Only a Few of the Smart Clothing Options

Technology is advancing at such a degree that if there is a need that has not yet been filled, you can count on it being worked on. Just as ECL Software provides innovative solutions to common fund control and construction management needs, these products are providing innovative solutions for workers and construction companies.