Learn How to Get More from your Commercial Construction Lending Program

Learn How to Get More from your Commercial Construction Lending Program

As a member of the commercial construction lending industry, you are always looking for ways to get more from your program. At ECL Software we work with a wide range of clients to provide fund control options. Continue reading to learn how to get more from your program and then contact us at 800-625-5972 to learn more.

Stop Using Spreadsheets

If you are using spreadsheets in any part of the lending process then you are not only wasting time but you are risking serious data compromising. Spreadsheets can be hard to use, difficult to share, and there is no way to know if you have the most updated version. When you work with software built specifically for the commercial lending industry, you can have updated information that’s easy to share and that protects essential data.

Work with the Best People

This may seem obvious but it is important not just to know that you should be hiring and retaining the best people, but to have that be a top goal. One of the best ways to achieve it is to ensure that you are on top of the technology game. If your commercial lending program wants to attract new hires who have the drive, commitment, and excellence you expect from them, then you need to give them the best tools to get their jobs done.

Not convinced? Consider that a recent survey showed that nearly three out of four millennials said that how much a company embraced technology was a factor when deciding which of several job offers to accept.

Analyze Your Program to Find the Facts

It is time for every company in every industry to take a long hard look at their systems and practices. The truth is that so many of us have systems and practices that are no longer serving our community or us. Now is a great time to look seriously at how you do business and why you do it that way.

For example, do you have several people entering the same data in various places? This may seem like a minor issue but not only does it mean you are paying for the same thing twice, but it doubles your chances of error. We do not need to tell you how much error can cost you in the long run.

Call Us Today to Learn About Our Innovative Options

If you are ready to get more from your commercial construction lending program, it may all begin and end with ensuring that your framework is in place. We can help with that. Contact ECL Software now at 800-625-5972 for your free demo.