Get the Facts About Construction Fund Control Software Created by ECL Software

Get the Facts About Construction Fund Control Software Created by ECL Software

Does managing construction loan times? Is it labor intensive? Of course – but it does not have to be as labor-intensive as it has been in the past. At ECL Software, we have created a unique construction fund control software designed to boost your productivity, lower your risks, and increase efficiency. Keep reading to learn why this award-winning software is worth a close look, then contact us at 800-625-5972 with any questions.

Our Software is Used by a Wide Range of Entities

When you choose our software, you are choosing software that is used by banks, mortgage companies, private lenders, disbursement control companies, and others. They have chosen our products because our products were designed to handle everything from small renovation projects to multi-billion dollar construction loans. You will appreciate how easy it is to set up, how easy it is to adjust specifications o, and how it can manage many things like changes, control disbursements, documents, inspections – the list goes on and on.

We Make it Easy to Manage Your Contacts

When you decide to work with our software, you are working with a company that makes it very simple to keep all your contacts in one place and to communicate with anyone on that list. From borrowers to lenders, from contractors and beyond, they are all organized in a single place. We even allow you to keep licensing requirements for brokers and managers without your section.

Create, Manage, and Store Communications

No matter what type of communication you have, you can store it within your software. Do you need to create and manage letters? No problem. Do you want to create and manage notes, memos – the sky is the limit. You also get generation tracking for all these methods of transmittal, which makes it easy for you to see what changes were made and who they were made by. All of this is 100% searchable so that you can use predefined text elements, documents, and more to make your communication standardized and simple.

Ensure Compliance with Regulatory Standards

If you deal with specialty loans, then you will appreciate that you can easily both set up and administer them. This is the best way to document compliance with FHA standards at every step of the process. You can compile all documents needed to prove the borrower is staying constantly on track with their renovation/mortgage loan as required.

Let Us Take You Through a Free Demo

If you have questions about this process and our software, then your next step is to contact ECL Software for help. With our many years of experience and our commitment to this particular industry, we have what is required to get the job done. Call now at 800-625-5972.