Are You Looking for a Way to Make Your Job Easier? Look No Further Than Fund Control from ECL Software

Are You Looking for a Way to Make Your Job Easier? Look No Further Than Fund Control from <span class="wsm_business">ECL Software</span>

Many in the construction sector may find the famous quote “work smarter, not harder” to be counterintuitive. Of course, we are all accustomed to working efficiently, but in this industry, everyone from employees to executives believes that working hard is something to be proud of. While this is true, it is also true that it is worth it when working sensibly can result in some much-needed breaks.

We want to build genuine solutions for actual firms who require better ways to streamline their operations. That’s why we founded ECL Software. All of our construction software solutions, including our fund control software, are used in this way. Continue reading to learn how our award-winning fund control can transform your business. Then contact us by email or phone at 800-625-5972.

Almost everybody can benefit from this investment management tool

It’s simple to configure our software to match your specific needs, whether you’re a bank, a mortgage company, a disbursement control company, or a private lender. It can work near-miracles on everything from small repair loans to multibillion-dollar ventures. It can be used to keep track of all paperwork, modifications, inspections, and even the disbursements themselves. This can aid in the reduction of risks throughout the construction phase.

We can make it simple for you to handle everyone with whom you do business

Are you bored of keeping your contacts in a half-dozen different places? Do you want to keep track of all of your borrowers, contractors, leads, and other contacts in one place? Do you wish to keep track of your contractors’ and brokers’ licensing needs in one place? Do you want to keep track of all of your business relationships in one place? This is made perfect by the options we provide.

Regularly, requirements are simplified

We don’t need to inform you what could happen if you don’t make sure your borrowers and the loans you supply them fulfill regulatory standards. We can assure you that we make it simple. Because our fund control software is so adaptable, you can easily set up and run specialty loans, and we make it simple to produce required compliance documentation in accordance with FHA regulations.

It is, without a doubt, an online FHA 203K loan software solution. We make gathering all the paperwork you need to confirm that your borrower is on track with their renovation or mortgage loan easier than ever before.

Budgets and adjustments should be kept in mind

Finally, we make it simple for you to observe how funds are divided with a single glance. You may set and manage your initial budget, as well as any changes to it. Start using one of our templates, a spreadsheet, or manually enter your budget. Special reporting choices, categories, interest reviews, and other features in our program make it simple to identify special budget line items. If you’re interested in learning more, please call ECL Software at 800-625-5972.