Learn the Specific Ways Risk Mitigation Software Can Help You

Learn the Specific Ways Risk Mitigation Software Can Help You

Because of its numerous useful features, ECL Software‘s risk mitigation program, Fund Control, is an award-winning risk mitigation software for the construction sector. Fund Control may help you in a variety of ways, especially if you’re a construction manager. Lenders, mortgage businesses, disbursement control companies, and banks are already using Fund Control, therefore using it will help you to catch up.

Get organized

The app provides a user-friendly interface on which you can keep track of all of your contacts. Maintain a central location where you can communicate, create memos and notes, and keep track of all of your important connections. Never look for that contractor’s phone number or the bank’s address again; Fund Control maintains everything in one place for you.

Organize your loans

From the due dates to the places involved, you can see every detail of your loan. Fund Control allows you to keep track of your notes, produce legal notifications, vouchers, and notification letters, among other things. You may also manage specialty loans yourself at the same time. No matter which side of the table you’re on, the software is built up for all positions in the business.

Retain a tight check on the budget using the program to avoid going over budget and to keep the initial budget you put up. While working on a building, you may construct budgets for specific areas of the project, develop spreadsheets and templates, and keep track of every dollar spent.

Request inspections

When the time comes, Fund Control offers the tools to help you request the essential building inspections. It also keeps track of these inspections, recording papers and images to ensure that everything follows the norms and regulations.

Get access to detailed reports

With Fund Control, you can obtain detailed data on anything from cash flows to risk evaluations. Check the percentages of each loan type, run pre-defined reports, and get access to far more information than you ever imagined would be easily available. This simplifies the entire process of managing a building project.

Configure the options

Finally, we recognize that everyone is unique. Every firm or management will have their own preferences for how the program should function. We make this entirely feasible by offering over 800 distinct options that can be switched on, off, and changed to suit your needs. Alternative risk mitigation tools can’t match Fund Control’s configurable options.

If you’d like to test out Fund Control, you may request a free online demo. Please contact us right away if you require assistance. With this award-winning risk mitigation software, you can reduce hazards, maintain order, boost efficiency, and become a well-oiled machine in the construction sector.