Four Inspiring Examples of Innovation in the Construction Industry

Four Inspiring Examples of Innovation in the Construction Industry

We are continually up to speed on the newest building technologies at ECL Software. While there are many that are interesting, many of them are only helpful in very narrow situations. We’re more interested in ideas with a larger appeal and the potential to impact the future of building. Continue reading to find more about our four favorite instances.

Concrete that can self-repair

Concrete has several advantages, such as the fact that we already have concrete constructions that have stood for almost 2,000 years. However, there are significant drawbacks. For example, it might start to deteriorate after only a few years. This leaves just two alternatives for homeowners and business owners: patching it or demolishing it and beginning afresh. Until recently, that is.

There is currently a product on the market that contains sodium silicate healing ingredients integrated in it. These capsules shatter once a minor stress crack begins to form, filling the space surrounding them with this healing ingredient. Another similar product uses bacteria, which eat the calcium lactate in the mixture and produce limestone, which naturally fills the cracks when cracks form and moisture gets into the mix.

3D printers are machines that print three-dimensional objects

3D printers offer a wide range of uses, and most people don’t immediately think of the construction business when they think of them. They may, however, represent the building industry’s future. How? They could use giant robots to manufacture massive things. In other words, a 3D printer will be able to build a full structure in the future. We can’t help but wonder how this may effect construction management in the future at ECL Software.

Cutting edge software

What used to take days may now be completed in minutes, and what used to necessitate stamps, phone calls, and time can now be sent quickly using enhanced software possibilities. We have finance control software covered at ECL Software, but there are a number of other creative firms working to enhance the construction industry in various ways.

Building modeling choices have been updated

Building models has long been used to gain a sense of how a final project would look, but today’s advancements have radically transformed the game. 5D modeling is a fantastic example. These models may highlight how changing design factors, such as square footage, materials, and so on, might impact other aspects of the job’s look, cost, scheduling, and so on. In reality, that’s what the 5 alludes to — the cost and schedule dimension.

Consult with a firm that can assist you in streamlining your building process

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in the past, thankful to have what we feel to be the greatest software solutions on the market, and constantly looking to the future at ECL Software. These are only a few of the recent instances of intriguing developments. Keep an eye on us or call us at 800-625-5972 to discover more about how our software may assist you with your building project.