Are Robotics the Answer to Construction Staffing Shortages?

Many jobsites around the country are experiencing a shortage in qualified construction workers. Many top companies predict that these shortages are just going to increase as demand goes up as well. What will a savvy construction company do about? At , we have some ideas on how you can help ensure you keep the best […]

A Fund Control Software That Can Help Provide Instant Loan Updates

Are you one of the many parties involved in a construction loan that wishes you had better access to the most up to date information on loans and budgets? Do you get tired of reading the latest report, only to be told that it’s outdated and that you need to wait for a more recent […]

What is a Construction Draw Inspection and Why is it Important?

Anyone who’s involved in a construction loan – no matter what side of the table they’re on – is going to have to follow some pretty specific processes. This is even more true when a risk mitigation company is involved. If the project in question is large, then there may be more steps, evaluations, and […]

What Can You Expect from ECL Software?

If you’re considering turning to then you’re likely wondering what we’re all about. Our specialty is providing practical solutions that are scalable for your business. We meet the needs of both construction lenders and contractors, and we work to exceed every objective across your many critical business areas. We’re confident that we have created the […]

How Do You Want Your Fund Control Software to Work?

If you’re considering investing in fund control software then you likely have expectations of what you want that software to do. The good thing about working with is that we have solutions to meet every need. In fact, if you can’t find what you need from us off the shelf, we can provide custom software […]

Is Your Fund Control Software as Good as it Could Be?

As a construction company, it’s a given that you need fun control software. But is your software doing what it could be doing for you? Are you still using software that isn’t specific to the construction industry? Are you using fund control software that isn’t integrated? Can you collaborate with your software? The future is […]

The Future of Collaboration: Predictions for the Construction Industry in 2017

Construction companies across the country are booming, and often the biggest obstacle they face is not being able to find enough qualified labor to hire. At , we know that the future of construction is not static. It is ever-changing and the construction companies who want to stay at the top of the game need […]

Ready for the New Year? 4 Suggestions for New Year’s Resolutions for Construction Managers

Like it or not, the new year is creeping up on us. This gives us a great chance to look back at the year and see what could be improved. At we’re thinking of ways to improve and streamline our own company and we’ve thought of some great resolutions that many construction managers may benefit […]

Is the Daily Construction Report the Most Important Construction Document?

Many people involved in the construction industry would not choose the daily construction report as the most important document in construction. In fact, they’d be more likely to say that contracts are more important, or perhaps the drawing and specs. Some may mention payment applications. While these are all important, has a bold stance to […]

4 Easy Tips to Ensure Your Construction Loans Are Compliant with FHA Regulations

Anyone in the construction industry knows how important it is to be incompliance with FHA regulations whenever construction loans are extended. However, some companies aren’t sure of all the ins and outs of these sometimes complicated regulations. At , we have a series of products that are designed to make the lives of construction personnel […]

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