14 Mistakes Contractors Make: Are You Guilty of Any of Them?

As a contractor, there are many mistakes you could make but that doesn’t mean you have to. At , we’ve made it our business to help clients find easy ways to communicate, control construction funds, and more. Read on to learn some of the most common contractors make and ask yourself if you’re guilty of […]

Does Your Company Have a Best Practices Plan for Email and Other Electronic Communication?

At , we’re in the business of helping those involved in the construction industry better communicate with one another. One thing we’ve noticed over the years is that some individuals mistake more communication for better communication. We’ve seen some interesting things shared over email and wonder if some companies realize what their employees are sharing […]

Is Your Construction Company Benefitting from the Top Fund Control Features?

If your construction company deals with construction loans then you know how important it is to be as efficient as possible. In the past, there are many issues that could arise and it was often hard to keep everyone in the loop. Today there are answers, thanks to innovations like fund control software. Read on […]

Looking to Prevent Construction Delays? Follow These 5 Tips

No one likes delays but for a construction company they can be much more than an inconvenience. At , we’re always looking for ways to streamline the construction process. Read on to get our five best tips to avoid construction delays on your next project. Then reach out to us at to learn how our […]

Innovations in the Construction Industry: Our Four Favorite Examples

At , we are always up to date on the latest construction innovations. While there are many that are exciting, too often these innovations are really only useful in very specific cases. What’s more interesting to us are the innovations that have broader appeal and that could actually change the future of construction. Read on […]

Construction Site Fund Control: Did You Know You Have More Than 800 Settings to Play With?

At , we know that every institution is different. We know that you need fund control software that works for you – not the way we think it should work. This is why we’ve created a unique option that has more than 800 settings you can turn on or off. Our belief is that it […]

Is JDIO the Most Important Tool On Your Construction Site?

Construction has always been a fragmented industry. Executives try to lead project managers, engineers, architects, vendors, and everyone else in a complex supply chain. However, every job site is different and every subcontractor works differently. As a result, keeping track of everyone who needs duties delegated to them, and their progress as the project moves […]

Essential Records You’ll Need to Prove Claims for Increased Construction Costs

At , our entire purpose is to ensure that our clients in the construction industry can easily collaborate with one another. Part of this process is ensuring that the necessary records are kept to protect the project from a number of possibilities – including proving a claim for increased construction costs. Most companies know to […]

How Community Banks Should Maintain Control of Residential Construction Loans

How Community Banks Should Maintain Control of Residential Construction Loans

  With the high risk of construction loans, mitigating risk should of paramount importance for any bank. But for small banks, that may have the largest share, especially relative to their size; this could essentially mean their livelihood. Key Points and Takeaways Three key points for Construction Lenders to keep in mind: 1) Keep diversified […]

If You Use Your Daily Reports Correctly They Can Be More Helpful Than You Think

If You Use Your Daily Reports Correctly They Can Be More Helpful Than You Think

There are many reasons to complete and compile daily reports on your construction project, yet too often those involved don’t get what they could out of these reports. They’ll note a few aspects, like the date, what the weather was like, a general overview of the work done, and perhaps an overview of who and […]

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